New Year Update 2024: Recruitment boost, Siobhan’s graduation and a new paper!

Maria and Dan at the Durham PSPA meeting at the Bay Horse

The last couple of months have seen significant progress with the PSP project and some important milestones for Siobhan’s PhD. We’ve been delighted to have seen a big increase in people volunteering for the PSP project, and I’m pleased to say we are now at 20 participants, which means we are slightly ahead of schedule. We’re particularly grateful to the wonderful research nurses in James Cook, Gateshead and Sunderland for their efforts to recruit people, and to the local PSPA co-ordinators who have helped publicise the study. We still need people to take part, especially for our age matched control group, so please get in touch if you are interested. We also had a very nice meeting with Maria from the County Durham PSPA, who let Alexis and I update the group on progress with the project and pitch some ideas for new research projects. They gave us quite a grilling, but the feedback was extremely valuable!

Siobhan at the graduating with her PhD at the winter congregation in Durham cathedral

It was also lovely to catch up with Siobhan, who returned to Durham to graduate her PhD at Durham Cathedral. It was a very proud day! There was more good news from Siobhan, as the 3rd paper from her PhD was accepted and appeared in Vision Research on the last day of the year. The paper shows that measuring VSWM capacity with mouse pointing produces a rather different pattern of resource allocation than measuring with finger pointing (imprecision asymptotes at set sizes larger than 2, rather than monotonically increasing), we think because of the additional visuomotor transformations required by mouse pointing. You can read all about it here: Precision in spatial working memory examined with mouse pointing – ScienceDirect

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