You will find here a list of the publications connected with the MotorBias Project

Journal Articles:

  1. Casteau, S. & Smith, D. T. (2020). On the link between attentional search and the oculomotor system: is pre-attentive search restricted to the range of eye movements?. Attention, Perception and Psychophysics 82(2): 518-532.
  2. Ludwig K, Schmid D, Schenk T (2020) . Gaze-contingent stimulus removal leads to subsequent changes in overt attentional allocationNeuropsychologia. 139:107297.
  3. Elshout JANijboer TCWVan der Stigchel S (2019). Is congruent movement training more effective than standard visual scanning therapy to ameliorate symptoms of visuospatial neglect? Study protocol of a randomised control trial
  4. Smith, D.T., & Archibald, N. (2020). Spatial Working Memory in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Cortex 122: 115-122.. [pdf]
  5. Casteau, S. & Smith D.T. (2020). Covert Attention Beyond the Range of Eye-movements: Evidence for a Dissociation between Exogenous and Endogenous orienting. Cortex 122: 170-186[pdf]
  6. Casteau, S & Smith, D.T. (2019). Associations and Dissociations between Oculomotor Readiness and Covert Attention. Vision 3: 17.
  7. Smith, D.T. & Casteau, S. (2019). The effect of offset cues on saccade programming and covert attention. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 72(3): 481-490[pdf]

Book Chapters

  1. Smith, D.T. & Archibald, N. (2018). Visual Search in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. In Processes of Visuo-spatial Attention and Working Memory. Hodgson, T. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer.

Poster Abstracts

  1. Casteau, S., Hathaway, J., Ellison, A., & Smith DT (2018) Do the Eye-Movement System and the Arm-Movement System Contribute Independently to Attentional Orienting: A TMS Study PERCEPTION 48, 28-28
  2. Casteau, S. & Smith, D.T. (2017). Is shift of spatial attention limited to the effective oculomotor range: A study with presentation in extreme periphery. Poster/Talk presented at the European Conference on Visual Perception 2017, Berlin, Germany. [link]


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