Siobhan submits her PhD!

Today was a momentous day as Siobhan submitted her PhD thesis, “Examining the representation of spatial short term memories through the lens of resource allocation theory”.  The main take-home is that spatial short-term memory is best characterised as a flexible resource that is constrained by the amount of cortical space available, as predicted by the cortical maps hypothesis of Franconeri et al., (2013). We’re all very proud of Siobhan, especially as her PhD was profoundly disrupted by the pandemic, and it’s a real testament to her resilience and ability that 2 chapers have already been published (McAteer et al., 2023 in JoV and McAteer et al., 2023 in AP&P) with 2 more under review.  It has been a real pleasure to have Siobhan in the lab and we’ve all learned a lot, especially about mixture modelling :-).  Siobhan will be leaving us in August to take a postdoc position at Louvain University for the next step in what we’re sure will be a brilliant career. Well done and good luck Siobhan!

McAteer, Siobhan M. and McGregor, Anthony and Smith, Daniel T. (2023) ‘Oculomotor rehearsal in visuospatial working memory.’, Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 85 (1). pp. 261-275.

McAteer, Siobhan M. and Ablott, Emma and McGregor, Anthony and Smith, Daniel T. (2023) ‘Dynamic resource allocation in spatial working memory during full and partial report tasks.’, Journal of Vision, 23 (2). p. 10.


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