Ready for EPS Online!

We’re all very excited about EPS online next week. We’ve got posters from Dan, Soazig and Siobhan uploaded to the OSF site and presentations from Siobhan and Dan (whose talk is much too long at 8mins, but some just people love the sound of thier own voice 😉 ). It’ll be our first online conference so not really sure what to expect, but hopefully we can foward to some lively discussions!

Soazig’s poster describes some work we did with an excellent group of dissertation students, whose project explored  the impact of holding things in WM on presaccadic attention. The take-home here is that we got some nice interference effects, suggesting some shared control between presaccadic attention and VWM:

Siobhan’s poster outlines the first complete experiment from her PhD, which was a conceptual replication of Schneegans & Bayes (2016) study that argued for a resource model of spatial working memory. She replicated the basic finding, but the devil is in the detail, as excluding trials with eye-movements produces some interesting changes to the modelling

Dan’s poster argues that a classic claim in cognitive psychology (that eogenous attention gradually accumulates at a cued location) is probably wrong, and instead argues that exogenous attention is fully deployed by at least 30ms after cue onset

Finally, if you’re interested in social attention you should check out Dr Emma Morgan’s poster showing how autistic traits modulate the effects of mental state attribution on gaze cueing /

Hope you enjoy our posters and talks, we’ll be available for discussion via twitter if you have any questions: @AttentionLab, @SoazigCasteau, @SiobhanMcateer4

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