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Grant Success!

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Dan has been awarded a 3 year grant from the Dunhill Medical Trust to study attention and working memory in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. PSP is a neurodegenerative disease affecting the basal ganglia that is characterised by paralysis of the eyes. People who suffer from PSP are often misdiagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, and so receive inappropriate ...

Talk at PSYPAG 2019

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to Sheffield to present an overview of our recent findings to the PsyPAG annual conference. PsyPAG is the official postgraduate section of the BPS and covers all aspects of applied and academic psychology, so although I was part of the ‘Cognitive’ stream, I thought I should ...

Goodbye & Hello to Soazig!

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The Durham part of the Motor Bias project came to an end at the start of August. Fortunately Soazig, has now been re-appointed as a teaching fellow in the Psychology Department. This excellent news means we can continue to collaborate on the ideas we've been developing over the last few years. Welcome back Soazig!

Conference Report: Cognitive and Motor Processes in Spatial Attention (11th – 12th July 2019)

Last week Soazig and I co-organised a workshop to mark the end of our 3-year ORA collaboration with Stefan van der Stigchel and Thomas Schenk, and here are a few reflections on how things went. Left to right: Dan Smith, Teuni ten Brink, Trevor Crawford, Stefan van der Stigchel, Joris Elshout, Anna Grubert, Soazig Casteau, ...

A commentary on “Visual attention is not limited to the oculomotor range” by Hanning, Szinte & Deubel (2019)

We read with great interest the recent PNAS paper by Hanning and colleagues, in which they use a variant of Craighero et al’s Eye Abduction paradigm to test the proposal that exogenous covert attention is constrained by the oculomotor range (Smith & Schenk 2012; Casteau & Smith 2019). If you’re not familiar with the paradigm, ...

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