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Welcome Bianca!

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Masters student Bianca Biebl has joined us from Munich on a 6 week research placement. Bianca will be conducting experiments on the interactions between pre-motor shifts of attention and visual working memory. Welcome Bianca, we hope you have a great (and productive!) time with us in Durham.  

Cortex paper now published online!

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Congratulations Soazig on the publication of "Covert attention beyond the range of eye-movements: Evidence for a dissociation between exogenous and endogenous orienting" in Cortex. "The relationship between covert shift of attention and the oculomotor system has been the subject of numerous studies. A widely held view, known as Premotor Theory, is that covert attention depends ...

Learning & Memory Processes at Durham University

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Dan presented some data on visual search and visual memory in patients with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP)  at the 1st annual Learning & Memory Processes meeting. Patients with PSP have vertical paralysis of gaze and our study showed that the  vertical gaze paralysis was associated with impairment of visual search and spatial working memory for targets ...

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