Tasty review paper published in Vision

Last summer Soazig and I were approached about writing a review article on oculomotor readiness hypothesis / premotor theory for a special issue of Vision on “Eye Movements and Visual Cognition”. This was a very tempting opportunity, and I must admit I was flattered to be courted by psychology bigwigs like Klein and Liversedge, but ...

My internship at Durham University: A blogpost by Bianca Biebl from Ludwig Maximilians Universitat

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When I embarked on my journey to travel from Munich to Durham for six weeks, I kept wishing that I was already there. That I already knew my accommodation was okay, my colleagues at university friendly and my tasks neither mind-numbing nor overcharging. Upon arrival I soon realized that my accommodation was really nice – even though a bit far from city centre. And regarding my internship, not only did I immediately feel like ...

Thoughts on Prof Tim Hodgson’s seminar on Development of Oculomotor Control

I was  delighted to welcome Prof Tim Hodgson from Lincoln University to Durham to give a seminar on his recent work exploring the development of oculomotor control in young children. His talk drew on a series of experiments conducted at the Lincoln Summer Scientist event where Tim and his team examined oculomotor behaviours in children ...

Welcome Bianca!

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Masters student Bianca Biebl has joined us from Munich on a 6 week research placement. Bianca will be conducting experiments on the interactions between pre-motor shifts of attention and visual working memory. Welcome Bianca, we hope you have a great (and productive!) time with us in Durham.